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Fun Write is a easy-to-use, fill-in-the-blank word processor made for kids and the computer illiterate. Fun Write doesn’t look anything like a standard word processor. Instead of creating a document from a blank screen, Fun Write uses a fill-in-the-blanks approach.  The best way we can explain how Fun Write works is to show you, to see all of our screenshots of Fun Write, click here.  Fun Write's documents include an Address Book, Address Book (kids), Assignments (kids), Book Report (kids), Diary, General Purpose, Journal, Labels (other), Letters and Envelopes, Memos, Messages (other), Notes, School Papers (kids), Text (other), To Do, and User Guide. Fun Write is also so small that the entire program and all of its documents can fit on a flash drive or memory stick.  Fun Write is the kid version of Yeah Write.

Documents have attractive, colorful backgrounds. Screen fonts are set independently from printed fonts, so a writer can edit with large characters and print with normal size characters. The program interface is simple enough that using most features is fairly obvious, even to users with a minimal amount of Windows experience.

Document management is transparent, which is a another way of saying that the writer doesn’t have to worry about filenames. The program automatically stores documents in folders and drawers, and automatically lists them in a folder's index. Finding documents later is a snap.

Folders have names which match the type of document contained in the folders. Fun Write has folders for an address book, a diary, a journal, general purpose documents, letters, envelopes, memos, notes, and to do lists. With each folder, a writer can create a document by clicking on <New> in the index and filling in the blanks in the document window. FW saves a document automatically when the writer exits the program or stops typing for a few seconds.

When the writer prints a document, Fun Write displays a preview of the printed document. By clicking on the various printed styles to the right of the preview, the author can quickly change the look of a document. In many cases, the document prints perfectly the first time.

Character Styles
In addition to normal text, Fun Write supports bold, italics, and underline, and combinations of the three.

Paragraph Styles
In addition to standard paragraphs, FW supports bullets, check boxes, indented paragraphs, hanging indented paragraphs, paragraphs indented left and right, numbered lists, outlines, headings, and titles. Outlines are only available in the registered version. The free versions generally have fewer available style levels. The registered and retail versions support additional options for displaying bullets and numbered lists.

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Other Features

Back-up/Restore, Em-Dash, Smart Quotes, Find, Find/Replace, Full Justification, Text Edition, Smart Paste, Special Characters, and Word Count.


Features NOT Available

Tables, Columns, Graphics, Endnotes, Footnotes, Tables of Contents, Index Headers, and Footers.


System Requirements

CD ROM Enclosed Contains Versions for Window 95, 98, NT 4.0, Me, 2000, and XP (32 bit)
Program Requirements: Windows 95 or later, 4 MB RAM minimum, and 4 MB free disk space
CD ROM Only - No Diskettes





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